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Typically, military or industrial application-specific fiber optic systems are complex, conforming to stringent dimensional and optical standards. For new or existing projects, Arizona Fiber Technology (AZFT) provides engineering assistance and value-added services for the most challenging fiber optic interconnect and system requirements. Whether the application calls for a high-precision fiber optic interconnect or a junction box design, AZFT engineers and technicians are capable of developing the fiber optic system solution to meet your particular needs.

When it comes to the manufacturing of the system, AZFT can build it to a customer print or design a system from a set of requirements. Our knowledgeable team of trained fiber optic professionals is adept at specifying, qualifying, testing and assembling a wide variety of components such as splitters, optical switches, transceivers and wavelength division multiplexers. AZFT personnel are also proficient at fusion splicing, stripping exotic jacket materials, precision tolerances and fiber winding. All manufacturing is performed in ourISO 9001:2008 and certified facility, ensuring the highest levels of workmanship and performance available.

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AZFT provides fiber optic engineering assistance including:

hybird connectors

Plastic Fiber components &

Example of custom Fabricated

  • Miltary Assemblies
  • OEM Assemblies >
  • Ribbons
  • Custom Light Guides
  • Custom Light Guides
  • Medical

Hazardous area products

Glas Fiber components &

We provide the following services

  • OEM Assemblies
  • Custom Light Guides
  • Image conduit
  • Clad Rod
  • Tapers

Hermaphroditic connectors

Fabrication capabilities & Finishing

Additional fabrication and finishing

  • Packaging/Labeling/Kitting
  • Tool+Desing
  • Milling/Turning
  • Laser Engraving
  • Grinding/Polishing
  • Controlled Assembly Area