Welcome to Arizona Fiber Technology, Inc.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of high specification Fibre optic connectors and interconnection components that serve a diverse range of markets. We have over thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of fiber optic products, and have developed a technical capacity that is unparalleled. Add to this our extensive inventory and our unique ability to supply specialty electrical and fiber optic , equipment, and accessories and Arizona Fiber technology is well positioned to support your project.  AZFT has over 15 years of experience of combining our custom connectors with industry standard connectors, fiber optic cable, and a wide variety of accessories to build fiber optic cable assemblies that are designed to perform in any environment.

Manufacturing Facilities

We have a manufacturing facility located in Scottsdale Arizona along with a worldwide support network of distributors and representatives.  Please call for assistance in locating the distributor of representative nearest you.

About Our Products

The high standards established Arizona Fiber Technology research team allows for the development of only premium products. Maintaining these standards has enabled Arizona Fiber Technology to secure five U.S.

Member of IADC

AZFT is a proud member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors.